I'm currently looking for models if interested feel free to contact me.

want to model :
Basic Guidelines:
Ages 18 to 35
Handsome face with good skin and teeth (facial hair acceptable).
Athletic, well-defined, muscular body.
Well-groomed (no obtrusive piercings or tatoos).Any race or ethnicity.
(Should be prepared to pose fully nude.)If you're interested, please email us and include the basic information below:

Tell me about yourself
Attach photos (nudity not necessary)

MEN@work Photography

Karl is a magnificent photographer from Belgium, his portraits are clean, crisp and engaging. Karl has a talent for capturing the moment and allowing the model to tell the story. He pulls you in. He plays with space and emotion and seduction and time. He is creating great art along the way. When you explore his website, you see it is broken down by color, he attacks each color effortlessly and blends fashion and sensuality in the most amazing way. I love his perspectives, I love his choice of models and I love his overall presentation.

state magazine.

, Karl rarely looks at the work of other photographers. “I don't want to copy or having a strong influence from other photographers,” he explains. “But I need to say that sometimes I see a same style when looking at other pictures. I guess it's more about the same look of the male body than following a certain style of photography.” This might have been one of the reasons why Karl has become very selective in the choice of his models. “Not always the most handsome, the most perfect body's, etc, but models who are special in my eyes (just a personal feeling).” Karl always tries to create a direct connection between his photos and his viewers. Therefor, strong looks and eye contact are important ingredients in his work.

Beautifull magazine

Karl is a Belgian amateur photographer who captures some great images of some damn sexy men.

DNA magazine Australia


between Brussels, Antwerp and Barcelona